The project is a hyperspectral imaging device equipped with an optical interferometer, a collimator and a planar detector (CCD or CMOS camera).

The optical interferometer itself is based on using a rigid mechanical structure of small volume including:

  • roof-reflectors with a beamsplitter;
  • a mechanical scanner with a mechanical amplifier, a piezoelectric actuator with a closed loop control system, which allows to provide a large value of the optical path difference (OPD) with small dimensions of the device;
  • built-in calibration system of the device with respect to the reference laser radiation source , containing a laser interferometer and white light interferometer.
  • algorithmic thermal stabilization of the device.





All the above features of the device allow to provide high-speed collection of high-resolution interferograms  (i.e. high-resolution hyperspectral imaging) with high stability of the device during mechanical overloads and thermal drifts.


  • a device which is compact in dimensions and weight;
  • a closed-loop algorithm for operating the device with a minimum of external connections;
  • ensuring device calibration according to the original algorithm inside the device controller;
  • ensuring thermal stability without external thermal stabilization.

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