Our Fiber Polyimide Recoater is designed to cover the fiber by polyimide resin. 

Compared with the majority of other recoaters currently on the market, our device allows covering a fiber section of up to 0.5 m in one pass and the number of sections can be unlimited.
This is especially important if you work with Bragg grating sensors or other optic fiber based sensors which require longer fibers.
The maintenance of our recoater is much easier than those which our competitors are currently offering. As it is necessary to clean these devices with highly toxic solvents, it is important to limit the duration of contact with these dangerous chemicals.
With our recoater, you don't need to waste up to 2 hours meticulously cleaning your device by hand. Instead, with our technology, you can just simply remove the die and place it in a container with solvent and let it do the dirty work for you.

                                      RECOATER_GENERAL VIEW_6GENERAL VIEW_2

With our recoater, you are always ensured that the polyimide coating is completely symmetrical. The vertical construction of our device allows the avoidance of slack in the fiber to be recoated.Consequently, we don’t need a special part to be responsible for tensioning the fiber, which allows us to simplify the construction and the user need not worry about fiber tension.

The 3-zone oven gives you complete control of temperature regimes for every oven of recoating (the temperature of every oven is shown on displays). Also, you have a variable control which allows a wide range of recoating speeds (1-5 cm per minute). 
Moreover, with our recoater you can recoat a pair of different diameter fibers (eg 125 and 400 micrometers) simultaneously; no one other recoater available on the market can do this.

Patent pending is filed for our Recoater.

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