Fiber Polyimide Recoater is designed to cover the fiber by polyimide resin. The device allows covering the fiber section up to 0.5m and numbers of sections can be unlimited.

Fiber Polyimide Recoater consists of a vertical screw driven in rotation by a motor. While rotating screw moves the carriage , on which three-zone oven (three-zone oven is equipped with three ovens) and polyimide coating die are mounted.

Fiber holders are mounted on the upper and lower sides of the screw pillar. Moving the carriage is limited by upper and lower limit switches, which determine the fiber length of coating.

Heating control of the three-zone oven and carriage movement is carried out by control box.

The  control box allows to set the desired temperature for each oven and monitor the actual temperature.

The control box allows to set the desired coating speed (1 - 5 cm/min) and the desired number of passes which is equivalent to the number of the fiber coating layers.





  • Can recoat any length of the fiber
  • Easy cleaning from liquid polyamide resin

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