Spectral Microscope for Laser Induced Bio-Luminescence Study requires high-precision positioning of the sample under study. For this purpose it is equipped with Compact Modular Piezo Actuator with Piezo Driver Unit .



Compact Modular Piezo Actuator is designed to add additional 35-50 micron travel range with nanometric resolution and nanoposition control for existing three-axes Newport M-460-XYZ-05 stage.
The piezo actuator fits between the standard stage and existing Micrometer as SM or Mitutoyo.
The piezo-actuator itself with Newport Micrometer SM13 is shown on the right.







The Newport M-460-XYZ-05 stage with mounted piezo-actuator and the Newport Micrometer SM13  installed on the Spectral Microscope is shown on the right.






The Control box (Piezo Driver) provides control of piezo actuators for axes X,Y, Z,  both in the manual mode and the computer (external) mode. The voltage supplied from the Piezo Driver to the piezo actuator is monitored  by the Voltage Monitor.





  • Compact design - only  14 mm diameter.
  • Simple, user-friendly control.


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